Winning Students 2012-13

Twelve orienteering students attending Scottish universities gain funding scholarships under the Winning Students Scheme.
They are Oleg Chepelin, Florence Haines, Rebecca Harding, Rona Lindsay, Kirstin Maxwell, Alasdair McLeod, Mark Nixon, Jessica Orr, John Rocke, Janna Shepherd, Jamie Stevenson, and Charlotte Watson.

06th Dec 12

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From the Winning Sudents website...

Winning Students scholarships are individually tailored to each athlete's needs, complimenting existing support. Awarded annually, scholarships can value up to £5,500 each year.

Across the core scholarship sports, athletes are nominated by their governing body. There are also Individual Scholarships available in non-core sports, with athletes nominated by themselves, their sport or by their college or university.


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