Ward Junior Home Internationals 2010

This competition was held in Scotland on 11th and 12th September. The Relays, held at Kinnoull Hill on Saturday morning, resulted in a narrow win for England over Scotland with Ireland beating Wales. The Individual took place at Devilla on the Sunday. JHI Results, photos, more photos.
The following team was selected:

13th Sep 10

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Briony Kincaid ECKO
Bronwyn Matthews MAROC
Evelyn Mason MAROC
Jennifer Ricketts MAROC


Andrew Barr MOR
Sasha Chepelin GRAMP
Matthew Galloway INT
Callum White INVOC


Rona Lindsay ESOC
Katrina McLeod GRAMP
Jessica Mason MAROC
Roz Shepherd INVOC


Chris Galloway INT
Andrew Lindsay ESOC
Calum McLeod GRAMP
Craig Nolan ESOC


Abi Longhurst FVO
Kirstin Maxwell RR
Jo Shepherd INVOC
Sarah Tullie RR


Tim Gomersall GRAMP
Finlay Langan MAROC
Joab Matthews MAROC
Jamie Stevenson FVO

Reserves: Rhona McMillan (MAROC), Craig Thomson (FVO), Thomas Wilson (CLYDE)

Photo of authorPosted on 13th Sep 10
by Maureen Brown