VHI 2010, South Wales

The VHI took place in the Gower peninsula on 2nd and 3rd October.  In a closely fought Individual race at Whiteford Burrows, England pipped Scotland by 7 points (136 to 129) with Wales in third place and Ireland fourth.  Scotland had four class winners.

04th Oct 10

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After two inches of rain fell overnight, causing local flooding, the relays on Sunday were held at Broughton Burrows.  Scotland were less successful and England had a comfortable overall win.  A further report will be published shortly.

Provisional results can be found at the SBOC website

The team:


W60   Joan Noble (INVOC), Sheila Strain (ELO);
W55   Pauline McAdam (STAG), Janice Nisbet (ESOC);
W50   Lindsey Knox (RR), Christine Patterson (CLYDE);
W45   Hazel Dean (FVO), Ann Haley (INT);
W40   Sarah Dunn (MAROC), Rona Molloy (FVO);
W35   Mary Ross (INT), Helena Nolan (ESOC);


M60   Andy Tivendale (MAROC), Phil Smithard (KFO);
M55   Eddie Harwood (MORAV), Rob Hickling (GRAMP);
M50   John Tullie (RR), Donald Petrie (CLYDE);
M45   Jon Musgrave (MAROC), Dave Robertson (CLYDE);
M40   Ben Hartman (INT), Rob Lee (INT);
M35   Roger Goddard (FVO), Drew Tivendale (MAROC);

Photo of authorPosted on 04th Oct 10
by Rob Hickling