VHI 2009

Results can be found on the DVO website
There is a report of a map labelling error that may have affected the Scottish team at the relays.

Below is the final Scottish team for the Veteran’s Home International, to be held 14th and 15th November:

14th Nov 09

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There have been a few late changes to the team, due to injuries and illness.  Donald Petrie has substituted for Martin Dean, Ian Turner for Phil Smithard, and Rob Hickling for Eddie Harwood.

(W/M60)  Heather Smithard (KFO), Sheila Strain (ELO), Gareth Bryan Jones (FVO), Ian Turner (SOLWAY),
(W/M55)  Joyce Brunton (INVOC), Janice Nisbet (ESOC), David Armitage (GRAMP), Rob Hickling (GRAMP),
(W/M50)  Lindsey Knox (RR), Christine Patterson (CLYDE), John Tullie (RR), Donald Petrie (CLYDE),
(W/M45)  Hazel Dean (FVO), Marsela McLeod (INVOC), Jon Musgrave (MAROC), Dave Robertson (CLYDE),
(W/M40)  Sarah Dunn (MAROC), Jenny Peel (SYO), Graeme Ackland (INT), Ben Hartman (INT),
(W/M35)  Lorna Eades (INT), Fiona Forrest (RR), Roger Goddard (FVO), Dan Gooch (MAROC).

The team’s really looking forward to retaining the trophies won last year.  Wish us luck!

Photo of authorPosted on 14th Nov 09
by Rob Hickling