Veterans Home International 2012

The Scottish team for the 2012 VHI traveled to Northern Ireland, to take part in the VHI races on 16th and 17th June at Tollymore, near Newcastle.
The points for the VHI have been provisionally calculated and show that Scotland came second in both the Individual and Relay events.

18th Jun 12

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Provisional points scores (based on published provisional results) are:

Individual  (Men + Women = Total)

1. England  71 + 69 =140
2. Scotland  62 + 58 = 120
3. Wales      38 + 51 = 89
4. Ireland     39 + 34 = 73

Relays  (Class MWM + Class WMW = Total)

1. England  56 + 62 = 118
2. Scotland  56 + 44 = 100
3. Wales      22 + 34 = 56
4. Ireland     22 + 16 = 38


1. England  258
2. Scotland  220
3. Wales      145
4. Ireland     111

So Scotland wll have to wait for next year's VHI (to be held in England) to see if they can bring back a VHI Trophy.

The final team


W35 Claire Ward (ESOC).

W40 Heather Hartman (INT), Rona Molloy (FVO)

W45 Lorna Eades (INT), Jane Ackland (INT)

W50 Fran Loots (TAY), Christine Patterson (CLYDE)

W55 Hilary Quick (BASOC), Pauline McAdam (STAG)

W60 Sheila Strain (ELO), Diana Turner (SOLWAY)

W65 Joan Noble (INVOC)


M35 Roger Goddard (FVO)

M40 Fraser Purves (FVO), Ben Hartman (INT)

M45 Dave Robertson (CLYDE), Steve Wilson (CLYDE)

M50 Graeme Ackland (INT), Robin Orr (CLYDE)

M55 John Tullie (RR), Donald Petrie (CLYDE)

M60 David Armitage (GRAMP), Alan Partridge (ECKO)

M65 Martin Wilson (BKO)


The Team Captain for the weekend was John Tullie.  The new President of SOA, Roger Scrutton, sent a message to wish the team good luck. You added your best wishes and exhortations and comments below! 

Photos below taken by Philip Baxter, more on his Flickr page


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VHI 2012 most of squad, Credit:random passer-by

VHI 2012 most of squad (Full size)

VHI 2012 Alan Partridge, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI 2012 Alan Partridge (Full size)

VHI 2012 Ben Hartman, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI 2012 Ben Hartman (Full size)

VHI Christine Patterson, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI Christine Patterson (Full size)

VHI 2012 Dave Armitage, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI 2012 Dave Armitage (Full size)

VHI 2012 Donald Petrie, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI 2012 Donald Petrie (Full size)

VHI 2012 Fraser Purves, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI 2012 Fraser Purves (Full size)

VHI 2012 Heather Hartman, Credit:Philip Baxter

VHI 2012 Heather Hartman (Full size)

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