Veteran Home International 2014

Forest of Dean 13th/14th Sept

These were held in conjunction with the Caddihoe Chase event.
Overall result:
England 254 pts, Scotland 215, Wales 158, Ireland 108
Full results here, Photos by Stephen Wilson, Photos by Philip Baxter Individual, Relay

14th Sep 14

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Pre-event info

As always happens, some of the team members originally selected are not available for the VHI for various reasons, and reserves have kindly stepped in. 
We are still missing two team members - one in W35 and one in W40. So if you run in one of these classes and would like to run for Scotland in these VHI, we would very much like to have you.

A W45 happy to run up a class in either W40 or W35 would also be welcome. Please contact Janice Nisbet on or 07803 245488 if you are interested. You may not think you will do very well, but you could be wrong, and a team member will always score points, while a missing team member always scores zero.

Team Selection

M35 Will Hensman W35 A N Other
M40 Roger Goddard W40 A N Other
  Fraser Purves   Heather Thomson
M45 Kenny Milton W45 Jenny Peel
  Stephen Wilson   Helena Nolan
M50 Dave Robertson W50 Hazel Dean
  Jon Hollingdale   Marsela McLeod
M55 Martin Dean W55 Lindsey Knox
  John Tullie   Pauline MacAdam
M60 Rob Hickling W60 Janice Nisbet
  Eddie Harwood   Lynne Walker
M65 Tim Sands W65 Sheila Strain



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VHI 2014 relay start, Credit:Stephen Wilson

VHI 2014 relay start (Full size)

VHI 2014 waiting, Credit:Stephen Wilson

VHI 2014 waiting (Full size)

VHI 2014 Scottish team, Credit:Janice Nisbet

VHI 2014 Scottish team (Full size)

Veterans Team logo

Veterans Team logo (Full size)

Photo of authorPosted on 14th Sep 14
by Janice Nisbet