Tay 2009: the inside view of the life of an official

Tay 2009 began about four years ago for me when I became the 6 Day Company Director link with the Central Organising Team (COT). Then in March 2008 I was appointed as the Senior Controller for Day 6 – Loch Ordie.

19th Aug 09

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The bi-annual 6 Day event is the largest event in Scotland. Over the years it has peaked at over 5000 competitors (in 1999 when it was held in conjunction with the World Championships) to about 2500 in 2001 when the event was cast into doubt by the occurrence of foot & mouth disease.

Since 1995 (and for some of the years before that as well!) I have taken on an official role in the event. This has ranged from co-ordinating Lochaber 2001 – yes that year of foot & mouth – to organising the coaching during the week prior to the event. What was my experience of Tay 2009 like?

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Photo of authorPosted on 19th Aug 09
by Lynne Walker