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The SOA has five sets of clocks that can be used at race starts or finish to show race time. These clocks are designed to be a “Turn on and Go” system for an event start. User guide updated 17th October 2016.

01st Apr 15

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There are usually two displays: one for the start line which shows race time and one for the pre start. The displays are controlled by a stable Real Time Clock.  The start signal counts down the last few seconds with a beep, beep, BEEP to send the runners on their way. The clocks can be adjusted and synchronised to other timers if required by using the keypad, the BEEP can be ON or OFF and the Pre start can be from 0 to -10 minutes.

The clocks are looked after by Ted Finch who has more details and a Request Form on his web site… Each pair of clock displays is supplied in a robust box with chargers and linking cable. The box can be used as a stand for one of the displays.

The clocks may be borrowed by SOA clubs or hired by other orienteering or running clubs for events or training. Please contact Ted if you wish to use one. “Request a Clock
The clocks were developed with the benefit of a grants from Sports Scotland.

Contact Ted Finch

In an emergency he can be contacted on the mobile number given in the instructions document.

October 2016: New manual published.

Summer 2015: Electronics modified and cabled connection removed.

Apr 2015: Instructions clarified.

Feb 2012: The user instructions for the SOA clocks have been updated.  The clocks have been upgraded with NiMH batteries and are now much lighter and easier to carry into the forest.

Downloadable Documents

SOA Start Clock Guide
Updated Oct 2016

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