South of Scotland Orienteering League

SoSOL 2016

These events attract between 120-250 runners who can expect good quality terrain, friendly and efficient organisation, pre-marked maps and electronic punching.

Results from Kames, Muirkirk on 21st Aug

The next event will be 6th November at Penicuik, near Edinburgh, details on the ESOC website

21st Aug 16

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Events list

# Date Venue Club
1 Sun Oct 11(2015) Hopetoun ESOC
2 Sun Jan 24 Holyrood Park EUOC
3 Sun Feb 21 Kaimes, Muirkirk (cancelled) AYROC
4 Sun Feb 28 Lothian Edge ELO
5 Sun Apr 17 Drumlanrig, Dumfries SOLWAY
6 Sun May 15 Calder Wood, Livingston INT
7 Sun Aug 21 Kames, Muirkirk AYROC
8 Sun Nov 6 Penicuik Estate ESOC

About the league

Events in the SoSOL are designed for competitors of all ages and abilities and there will normally be eight courses: white, yellow, orange, light green, short green, green, blue and brown, ranging from short and easy to fairly long and easy, from short and hard to long and hard. There may also be a long, easy course; contact the club for details.

They are generally held on Sunday mornings with starts from 11:00 to 12:30 and there is generally no need to pre-enter although, where offered, pre-entry can help both you and the club and will guarantee you the course of your choice.

More details on the South of Scotland Orienteering League webpage

Photo of authorPosted on 21st Aug 16
by Paul Frost