SOA Club Development Conference 2014

The SOA’s Development Conference for 2014 was held at Fordell Firs, near Dunfermline, on 17th May.  Transcripts of discussion group findings are now available (collated versions loaded Monday);  we hope to get Murray Strain’s WOC presentation soon.

17th May 14

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Murray Strain spoke about WOC from the athlete's perspective, which sparked lively discussion.  Groups then rose to the challenge to identify 10 characteristics of a good orienteering club, and to consider skills transfer - where do we have an issue and what should we do about it?   Participants were also invited to declare ONE THING that they would DO, or DO DIFFERENTLY now.  

Roger Scrutton (SOA President) presented the Board's views on possible membership structures, which prompted lively discussion and a greater understanding amongs those present of the real need to sign people up as members.

Sam Gomersall (GRAMP) provided an excellent "Talk-O" activity, showing the challenge and fun you could have with little preparation and an unknown area.

Many thanks to all for active participation.  Other actions will be taken forward as agreed.


Downloadable Documents

Draft agenda Devt Conf 2014
as at 12/5/14

Characteristics of a good O club

How to transfer skills from old stalwarts

One thing you'll do now (or do differently)

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by Hilary Quick