Scottish Score Championships 2014

and Scottish Inter-Club Championships

BASOC hosted this event at Achlean Forest on the 16th November.
Results, RouteGadget & Winsplits on the BASOC website
Winners of the Scottish Inter Club Champsionships were:
Large club - Moravian Orienteers
Small club - Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club

16th Nov 14

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There were three Score courses with different time limits. Allocated Championship age classes are as follows:
M20-35, W21 - 70 minutes time limit
M/W16-18, W20, W35, M/W40-70+ - 60 minutes time limit
M/W14 and younger - 40 minutes time limit
There was also a White and Orange for those not taking part in the score event

The Scottish Inter-club championships (SICC)

provides an opportunity for all club members to represent their club in low-key competition with other clubs of a similar size. It is normally a single day competition, incorporated with another event, such as the Scottish Score Championships.

Large Club Result

  1. Moravian Orienteers
  2. Edinburgh South Orienteering Club
  3. Inverness Orienteering Club

Small Club Result

  1. Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club
  2. Solway Orienteers
  3. East Lothian Orienteers

Scottish Score Champions

70-minute Score

M20-35, W21

Name Class Club Score
Alasdair Mcleod M21 CLYDE 550
Jessica Tullie W21 BASOC 480
Craig Nolan M20 ESOC 420
Euan Naismith M35 INVOC 410

60-minute Score

M/W 16,18 W20, 35+ M40+

Rowan White M16 INVOC 380
Jason Inman M40 FVO 365
Janine Inman W35 FVO 350
Steven Barrett M50 BASOC 350
Peter Halling M60 CLYDE 315
Alex Campbell M55 BASOC 300
Roanne Lilley W16 ECKO 290
Phil Smithard M65 KFO 262
Elizabeth Barr W45 MOR 260
Elliott Harbottle M45 MOR 260
Peggy Purves W40 FVO 260
Ken Naismith M70 INVOC 243
Sheila Strain W65 ELO 217
Trina Rogerson W60 ELO 170
Oonagh Grassie W55 MOR 160
Eleanor Pyrah W70 ESOC 140
Shona Spencer W50 MOR 120
Adrian Hope (M85) M75 BASOC 70

40-minute Score

M/W 14-

Daniel Campbell M12 MOR 180
Mairi Weir W14 MOR 160
Fraser Haig M14 MOR 158
Rachel Brown W12 ESOC 115
Robin Purves M10 FVO 30



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Moravian team SSC 2014,

Moravian team SSC 2014 (Full size)

BASOC team SSC 2014,

BASOC team SSC 2014 (Full size)

Achlean Cairn, Credit:Hilary Quick

Achlean Cairn (Full size)

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by Paul Frost