Scottish Score Championships 2013

and Scottish Inter-Club Championships

Tayside Orienteers held the event to Balkello Hill and Community Woodland, north of Dundee, on Sunday 3rd November.
More details on the Tayside website.
Results, Routegadget now ready- see below.
FVO and RR won the Scottish Inter Club Trophies for Large and Small clubs.

03rd Nov 13

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Balkello has previously hosted a Scottish Orienteering League Event in 2010 and the British Universities Championships and should present you with a suitable technical and physical challenge.


There will be three Score courses with different time limits. Allocated Championsip age classes are as follows:

M20-35, W21 - 70 minutes time limit
M/W16-18, W20, W35, M/W40-70 - 60 minutes time limit
M/W14 and younger - 40 minutes time limit

There will also be a selection of cross-country (not score) courses - White, Orange, Green and possibly a String course too (to be confirmed!)


Routegadget for Score Events is a bit different from normal. It is worth looking at the second half of this video tutorial before looking at other runners' routes. There are four separate events on the TAY Routegadget pages for the three different score courses and the colour coded courses. We have noticed that no two of you chose the same set of controls. The planner hopes that many of you will plot your routes.

Scottish Inter-Club Championships (SICC)

Results showing contributing scores to club results

The SICC provides an opportunity for all club members to represent their club in low-key competition with other clubs of a similar size and runners in any of the Score Classes can earn points for their clubs in the SICC.

The number of runners to count* this year is 5 in the large clubs and 2 in the small clubs. The rules and details of the calculations are elsewhere on the SOA website and can look extremely complicated. Put simply, the handicap system is designed to ensure that anyone on any score class who has a good run might be a counter for their club.

Large Clubs - with 30+ competitors at SOLs in first half of 2013 - ESOC, INT, GRAMP, MAROC & FVO

Small Clubs - less than 30 competitors at SOLs in first half of 2013 - AYROC, BASOC, CLYDE,ECKO,ELO, INVOC, KFO,MOR, RR,SOLWAY, STAG, TAY & TINTO

* number to count is reduced from last year and greatly reduced from what is suggested in the guidelines.

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