Scottish Score Championships 2012

Incorporating the Scottish Inter-Club Championships took place on Sunday 18th November at Drumlanrig Woods (courtesy of Buccleuch Estates), Thornhill, Dumfriesshire. Results & RouteGadget are now available at the Solway Orienteers website. Photos on the Solway flickr gallery.
Congratulations to ESOC and CLYDE after winning the Large and Small clubs trophies respectively.

18th Nov 12

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A few conventional colour coded courses were offered but these did not count towards club points.

Courses/time limit combinations with age classes are:

70 mins  for M20-35, W21
60 mins  for M/W16-18, W20, W35, M/W40-70
40 mins  for M/W14 and below
Colour Coded: White, Orange, Green + String Course

Competitors on the championship courses visited areas of Drumlanrig not used for orienteering since 1990 and 1998.


Scottish Score Champions

70-minute Score

M20-35, W21

Name Class Club Score
Kirsten Strain W21 ELO 368
Rob Lee M21 INT 351
Jason Simpson M35 STAG 309

60-minute Score

M/W 16,18 W20, 35+ M40+

Andrew Lindsay M18 ESOC 406
Dave Robertson M45 CLYDE 400
Ben Hartman M40 INT 390
Alex Campbell M50 BASOC 369
Thomas Wilson M16 CLYDE 360
Phil Smithard M65 KFO 320
Crawford Lindsay M55 ESOC 320
Roger Garnett M60 ESOC 286
Margaret Dalgleish W60 ESOC 280
Heather Thomson W35 ESOC 270
Janice NIsbet W55 ESOC 260
Angela Dixon W45 TAY 260
Lindsey Knox W50 RR 250
Judy Bell W40 ESOC 231
Jim Clark M75 ESOC 200
Eleanor Pyrah W65 ESOC 200
Janet Clark W70 ESOC 180

40-minute Score

M/W 14-

Sam Galloway M14 INT 214
Emma Wilson W14 CLYDE 210
Alice Wilson W10 CLYDE 120
Logan McIntyre M12 INT 43


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