Scottish Night Championships, 2011

Braid Hills, Saturday 19th February.
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20th Feb 11

We would like to thank Edinburgh Leisure for allowing us to use the Braid Hills and Princes Golf Courses, and for use of their facilities. Toilets are available. On street parking.

Course combinations:
Course 1: M21 M35 M20
Course 2: M40 M45 M50 W20 W21 W35 MOpen2
Course 3: M18 M55 M60 W40 W45 MWOpen3
Course 4: M16 W18 W50 W55 MWOpen4
Course 5: W16 W60 W65 M65 MWOpen5
Course 6: Novice

Could anyone who has ever received a night trophy or ever organised a night championship please check to see if they have any trophies.

Trophies which I believe exist but haven’t been traced yet:
W18 - went missing at 2009 event
W21 - went missing around 2006

Please email .

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