Scottish Competitions Review

So I appear to be competitions convenor again. So now is a good time to talk about what competitions we have, and which we want.

27th Jul 10

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From having done this before, I know that competitors typically want ever more competitions, while clubs typically don’t like having obligations assigned to them. So please consider both the organisers and the participants!

At the moment SOA coordinates several competitions

Scottish Champs and Relays
7 SOLs
Sprint Champs
Night Champs
Score Champs
11 person relay
CompassSport Cup Heat

in addition to all this, there’s the 6-day, Junior Inter-regionals, Jamie Stevenson Trophy, Senior, Junior and Veteran Home Internationals, not to mention the British Championships at Long, middle, short, and the JK.

Even when events are combined, that’s a lot of centrally controlled weekends, most of which clamour for prime dates and top areas.  People are already asking for Championships at Middle and Street Orienteering: understandably as these are great competitions.  I think we need some way bring in new competitions, but to free up space we should have some way to let others die.
One option is to abandon the “rota” which allocates competitions to clubs, and if nobody wants it, it dies.  But any other ideas are welcome!

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