Scotland Win the JIRCs, 2012

Well done to the Scottish Juniors who won the Junior Inter-Regional Championships held over the weekend at Sandringham Estate, East Anglia.
Having won the Individual event on Saturday by a comfortable 37-point margin, they then went on to win the Relays on Sunday and triumph in the overall competition with a massive 498-point score, beating main rivals North-West by 70 points.

25th Jun 12

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They won all five trophies – the Individual, the Relay, the Overall, the Men’s and the Women’s.  A fantastic result!

This was all in spite of a 12-hour journey for some on Friday, battling through heavy rain, floods and diversions to reach our Yorkshire overnight stop at 11.30pm, followed by an early start and another 5-hour drive on Saturday morning. At the event itself there was soaking wet above-the-head-high bracken to deal with, rhododendron thickets to battle through, and heavy thunder showers and lightning on Sunday morning. The Scots are tough!

In the Individual Event there were podium places for Clare Stansfield (1st W14), Sasha Chepelin (1st M16), Abigail Mason (3rd W14) and Jenny Ricketts (3rd W16).  Matthew Galloway and Briony Kincaid were 4th in M16 and W16 respectively, and there were lots of other top 10 places.

In the Relays, The Scottish boys’ team of Matthew, Ross McMurtrie and Josh Dudley, and the girls’ team of Briony, Abigail, and Katrina McLeod were both 3rd.  This competition is all about strength in depth, however, and 4th places for both the boys’  (Sasha, Alex Carcas and Chris Galloway) and girls’ (Jenny, Clare and Rona Lindsay) teams ensured victory for the Scottish Orienteering Association.  Northwest were 2nd with Yorkshire 3rd.

Full results can be found on the Norwich Orienteering Club website.


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JIRCs 2012 Scotland's winning team, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRCs 2012 Scotland's winning team (Full size)

JIRCs 2012 relay trophy, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRCs 2012 relay trophy (Full size)

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by Maureen Brown