Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2012

Well done to the following juniors who have been selected for the team to represent the Scottish Orienteering Association at the Junior Inter-Regional Championships (JIRCs) to be held at Sandringham Estate, East Anglia on 23/24 June.

06th Jun 12

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Alex Carcas   INT
Samuel Galloway  INT
Ross McMurtrie  MAROC
Rowan White  INVOC
Reserve: Callum Hunter  ECKO


Alexander Chepelin  GRAMP
Matthew Galloway  INT
Callum White  INVOC
Thomas Wilson  CLYDE
Reserve: Daniel Stansfield  FVO


Christopher Galloway INT
Joshua Dudley  MAROC
Andrew Lindsay  ESOC
Craig Nolan  ESOC
Reserve: Calum McLeod  GRAMP


Kathryn Barr  MOR
Abigail Mason  MAROC
Clare Stansfield  FVO
Emma Wilson  CLYDE
Reserve: Roanne Lilley  ECKO


Briony Kincaid  ECKO
Evelyn Mason  MAROC
Bronwyn Matthews MAROC
Jennifer Ricketts  MAROC
Reserve: Megan Getliff  MAROC


Rona Lindsay  ESOC
Katrina McLeod  GRAMP
Karen Maxwell  RR
Frances Wright  MAROC
Reserve:  Jessica Mason  MAROC

Notes:  Reserves are non-travelling.
Rhona McMillan (MAROC), Rosalind Shepherd (INVOC) and Jack Gomersall (GRAMP) were not available for selection.

Photo of authorPosted on 06th Jun 12
by Maureen Brown