Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2011

The Scottish Junior Team were runners-up to a very strong team from the North-West in the Junior Inter-Regional Championships held in Cumbria on 2nd and 3rd July. The Individual took place on Saturday at Haverigg on complex sand-dune terrain and the Relays were held on Sunday at Simpson Ground near High Newton.

04th Jul 11

It was always going to be difficult to beat the NW Region on their home ground, but a young Scottish team (4 members were running up a class) as always gave of their best.

The Individual event took place on the complex sand dunes of Haverigg on the west coast of Cumbria in blistering heat.  Chris Galloway showed the recent form which resulted in his selection for the European Youth Championships by winning the M16 class.  Fellow GB internationalist Rona Lindsay, plagued by illness and injury for most of this year, had her “best run of the year” to come second to Florence Haines of Yorkshire, less than half a minute behind. As expected our strongest class was M14, with Callum White 2nd , Matthew Galloway 3rd and Andrew Barr 5th.  Although there were only a few Scots on the podium, strength in depth (1st 2 to count in each age class) meant that that Scotland came 2nd out of the 12 UK regions and were presented with the runner-up trophy, 19 points behind NW.

The Relays took place on the completely different terrain of Simpson Ground.  This is a very rough forested and marshy area east of Newby Bridge.  Team of 3 consist of a 16, a 14 and an 18 in each team.  Each Region can enter 4 girls’ and 4 boys’ teams with the first 2 to count. All courses were gaffled.

A spectator control close to the assembly area added to the excitement. It soon became evident that lots of mistakes were being made and the lead kept changing hands.  Matthew Galloway was the star Scottish relay performer gaining 13 places to come home in the lead after the second leg.  Frances Wright was first back in the girls’ race, closely followed by Rhona McMillan.  Jenny Ricketts was fastest finisher on the 2nd leg.  In the end strong teams from Yorkshire, South Central and West Midlands took the top 3 places in the boys’ race with Scotland 4th , 6th, 8th and 10th.  It was a similar story for the girls.  This time North-West had a clean sweep of the first 3 places with Scotland taking the next 4.  Again Scotland were runners-up, this time only 3 points behind.  Scotland lost the Women’s Trophy to NW, but came 1st in the Men’s trophy.



1st NW 243 pts
2nd Scotland 224 pts
3rd W.Midlands 200pts


1st NW 252 pts
2nd Scotland 249 pts
3rd W.Midlands 201pts


1st NW 495 pts
2nd Scotland 473 pts
3rd W.Midlands 394pts

Men’s Trophy

1st Scotland 238pts
2nd NW 222pts
3rd W.Midland 200pts

Women’s Trophy

1st NW 273pts
2nd 235pts
3rd Yprkshire 202pts

The team


Andrew Barr MOR
Matthew Galloway INT
Daniel Stansfield FVO
Callum White INVOC


Alexander Chepelin GRAMP
Joshua Dudley MAROC
Christopher Galloway INT
Calum McLeod GRAMP


Finlay Langan MAROC
Andrew Lindsay ESOC
Craig Nolan ESOC
Craig Thomson FVO


Rosie Getliff MAROC
Abigail Mason MAROC
Jennifer Ricketts MAROC
Clare Stansfield FVO


Rhona McMillan MAROC
Bronwyn Matthews MAROC
Karen Maxwell RR
Frances Wright MAROC


Rona Lindsay ESOC
Katrina McLeod GRAMP
Jessica Mason MAROC
Rozy Shepherd INVOC

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by Maureen Brown