Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2010

This competition will be held in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales, on 26th and 27th June. Scotland will be defending their trophy, won last year in Northern Ireland. The team selected to represent SOA is as follows:

02nd Jun 10

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Andrew Barr MOR
Sasha Chepelin GRAMP
Matthew Galloway   INT
Thomas Wilson CLYDE


Briony Kincaid ECKO
Evelyn Mason   MAROC
Brownwyn Matthews MAROC
Jennifer Ricketts MAROC


Chris Galloway INT
Andrew Lindsay ESOC
Craig Nolan ESOC
Craig Thomson FVO
Robert Patterson CLYDE


Rona Lindsay ESOC
Katrina McLeod GRAMP
Rhona McMillan MAROC
Jess Mason MAROC
Roz Shepherd INVOC (subject to fitness)


Finlay Langan MAROC
Joab Matthews MAROC
Marnoch Hamilton-Jones GRAMP


Kirstin Maxwell RR
Jo Shepherd INVOC
Sarah Tullie RR

One M16 and one W16 to run up a class.

Reserves:  Calum McLeod (GRAMP), Karen Maxwell (RR), Callum White (INVOC)

Photo of authorPosted on 02nd Jun 10
by Maureen Brown