How to get more volunteers for your club

British Orienteering have supplied the following information for clubs seeking volunteer assistance.

There are an abundance of people who like volunteering and helping out. This may be because they have plenty of free time or are looking for a new interest.  They are keen to support voluntary bodies such as sports clubs and associations even when they are not members and not actively involved in the sport. These people are keen to support their community and providing them with an opportunity to help at your club will not only satisfy their need but also be of real benefit to your club and its members.

05th Mar 09

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How to find extra volunteers for your club!
Would your club benefit from having more volunteers?
Do you need a car park attendant, someone to take entries or a web master…?
The following links provide the opportunity to register your Orienteering club with various Volunteer Agencies, Sports Councils and County Sports Partnerships. They can then highlight and promote your clubs willingness to except volunteers in order to support your activities and events.
The links will either direct you to a simple form to complete or a specific person to contact.

Volunteer Edinburgh

sportScotland Volunteer pages

United Kingdom

Do it

Clubs for young people

Want to volunteer

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by Hilary Quick