Future of SCORE survey

At the recent SOA board meeting in June it was agreed that we would take this opportunity to survey the SOA members on their preferences for SCORE moving forward. Your responses to this survey will determine what direction is taken by the board with regard to the future of SCORE, so please whatever your feelings, make them known by taking this online survey.

24th Jul 13

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As you may know we’ve been without a volunteer editor for SCORE since the start of 2013 when the previous editor stood down. Without an editor, the future of SCORE remains uncertain. The Spring and Summer issues were edited by the Marketing and Communications Director with some external assistance, but this is not a sustainable way forward.

Although finance is not a key issue for SCORE (SCORE is fully budgeted for in 2013) there is no doubt that it is a relatively expensive form of communication. The overall cost varies depending on the length of each issue, but currently adds up to around £3600 per annum including printing and postage (or about £1 per issue sent out). On the other hand it allows us to publish information which otherwise might not reach the membership and also can be seen by non-members and potential sponsors/advertisers.

It is expensive in terms of volunteer editor hours, with estimates varying between 15 to 30 hours work per quarterly issue depending on the skill of the editor and the nature of the contributions (if you don’t believe that please volunteer to guest edit the next issue!).  For the current issue we have paid for some external support through the existing marketing budget, which we are hoping will be self-financing through increased advertising revenue.

Complete the Future of SCORE survey now

Please note that for security reasons only 1 response will be accepted by the survey per computer so if there are multiple members responding per household you may need to respond via separate devices.

Survey closes 6pm Sat 24 Aug

Thank you on behalf of the SOA board for taking the time to complete the survey.

Photo of authorPosted on 24th Jul 13
by Pat Squire