Event Safety Training

British Orienteering require all event officials to undergo training in Event Safety and Welfare.  This is delivered as a 3-hour workshop, highly practical in nature, sociable, enjoyable and informative.  Courses are arranged throughout Scotland,  usually on weekday evenings but occasionally also at weekends.

06th Feb 16

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This training is only for members of SOA.  It is delivered as a 3-hour workshop, run by designated tutors at venues around Scotland, at venues, times and frequency appropriate to demand.  Local tutors (listed below) will arrange sessions which will be listed here.  Booking is as specified for each course.  Depending on venue arrangements and tutor's travel costs, a fee of £10 per person might be charged.  This is usually paid by the club of the person attending, on invoice from SOA.

From 1 January 2017 all event officials - Organiser, Planner and Controller - are required to have attended the training. 

When you’ve attended the training, your entry on the BOF database will be updated accordingly.  The workshop is highly interactive, informative and enjoyable.

Sessions will be publicised locally and on this page;  places must be pre-booked via Wufoo for each course, and your booking will be confirmed, usually within 48 hours.  Final details (including catering) will be communicated only to those whose places have been confirmed.  You may attend any session that is convenient to you.  Most sessions will have a closing date 4-5 days ahead.

Once you’ve attended the session, you might want to refer to some of the materials on the event officials’ information page.

If you would like to become a tutor for this course, please contact Hilary Quick in the first instance.


Scheduled courses

  • 9 or 16 March - Nairn (course full) - Hilary Quick
  • April? Inverness - Suzanne Robins-Bird


  • Sheila Strain
  • Ross Lilley
  • Suzanne Robins-Bird
  • Donald Grassie
  • Tim O'Donoghue
  • John Emeleus
  • Anne Hickling
  • Roger Scrutton
  • Lindsey Knox
  • Hilary Quick
  • Lynne Walker

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by Hilary Quick