Event Levies

Event Levy - 2013/4

It has been some years since SOA levies were increased and it there was no proposal to change this at the EGM on AGM on 25th May 2013. This is in part to recognise the financial strain that many families are under at this time and also to assess the impact of the new membership structure on Scottish events without confusing the issue.

29th Oct 13

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The board reserves the right to propose changes to event levies or memberships at a future date, depending upon the results of this trial period, and any other factors which become relevant. If it becomes necessary to propose a change, these will be brought forward to the AGM in the usual way.

Therefore, as at present, SOA Levies will only apply to events where the Senior (Discounted) Entry Fee is over £8.  The rate is unchanged and is the lower of rates applicable over the last few years, i.e.

Seniors  £1.00   Juniors  £0.40

The Junior Levy rate will apply to Students paying the same entry fee as Juniors where organisers choose to retain this entry classification.

Payment is due as soon as possible after the event, at the latest within 6 weeks.
Cheques should be made payable to Scottish Orienteering Association and sent, along with the completed bottom section of the Event Levy Proforma, to the Treasurer.


Downloadable Documents

Event Levy proforma
To be completed and returned with payment to the SOA Treasurer

Photo of authorPosted on 29th Oct 13
by Ian McIntyre