CompassSport Cup Final 2015

FVO win the cup competition

This year’s CompassSport Cup Final took place this weekend at Helsington Barrows, a limestone area, just by Kendal.  The event was blessed with fantastic courses, slick organisation, and reasonable weather, and there were four Scottish Clubs participating: FVO in the Cup (for large Clubs, based on membership) and Interløpers, CLYDE and MAROC in the Trophy (for small Clubs).

20th Oct 15

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By far the largest contingent were from FVO, who, having won the Trophy for the last eight years, decided to compete against the “big boys’n’girls”, despite technically being a small Club.  In fact, the blue-and-yellow tide was completely overwhelming, and FVO easily won the Cup competition, with five course wins (out of nine) and strong showing across all courses.  Congratulations to them.

The Trophy competition was much more open, particularly with FVO not defending their win from last year.  The three Scottish Clubs all had course winners, but it became clear during the morning, that INT, South Ribble (the host Club) and East Pennine were clear of the other eight competing Clubs.  Then the announcement came: the winner was ….. an apparent tie between INT and SROC, and that the rule book would need to be checked!  The rule book was indeed consulted, and he pronounced that the answer was “go to the next counter”.  And so the win went to SROC.  Commiserations, on yet another second place to INT, their third in five years, but congratulations to them, CLYDE (fourth) and MAROC (sixth) in highlighting the strength of Scottish orienteering.

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Next year’s Final is at Tankersley, near Sheffield.

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