CompassSport Cup 2015

Scottish Heat - Balnagowan - 15th March

Congratulations to FVO who won the Scottish heat of the large clubs competition (the Cup) and to MAROC who won the small clubs (the Trophy).
MAROC presented this event , which was based at the Aboyne Community Centre. Balnagowan is just to the north, and was described in the event details as “a great area in Deeside with a mix of complex rock and contour detail and varied forest terrain.”

17th Mar 15

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There were warning about areas of windblow, however, and many found the going quite rough. The weather was sunny, with blue skies all day.
Everyone enjoyed the indoor facilities and refreshments, while watching the results come in.


FVO (2456 points from a maximum possible of 2500) won from ESOC (2381), GRAMP (2301) and CLYDE (1768). The Trophy was much closer; MAROC (1271 from 1300), INTERLOPERS (1258), CLYDE (1248) and RR (1238). A total of 13 Scottih clubs took part.

Good luck to FVO and MAROC, INT and CLYDE who qualify for the final in the Lake District in the autumn. 

Full results on the MAROC web site.

Photo of authorPosted on 17th Mar 15
by Robin Strain