Cardiovascular Screening for young sport participants

Young orienteers are invited to participate in the cardiovascular screening programme recently introduced by the University of Glasgow and the National Stadium Sports Medicine Centre.

05th Nov 09

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Screening is offered free to anyone aged 16 to 18 who participates in organised sports;  the purpose of screening is to exclude any abnormalities of the heart or circulatory system which would influence the ability of an individual to take part in vigorous exercise or sport.

The screening programme consists of a health questionnaire, physical examination of the cardiovascular system, an electrocardiogram (a standard electrical test of the heart) and an echocardiogram (heart scan).  A small sample of blood will also be taken.

The research group is based at the National Stadium Sports Medicine Centre in Glasgow, however the service can also be delivered locally.

An information pack will be provided for potential participants in advance of the screening.  This will include information on the rationale for testing, what it entails and information regarding potential implications for future sports particiation and general health advice.

For the contact details of the people from whom more information is available, please initially contact the National Orienteering Centre.

Photo of authorPosted on 05th Nov 09
by Hilary Quick