Capercaillie SOA/RSPB Agreement

2015 Agreement

A new Agreement between the Scottish Orienteering Association and the Capercaillie Biodiversity Action Plan Steering Group on the use of forests for orienteering competitions and training where capercaillie are present is now available.

16th Mar 15

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The 2015 Agreement does not advise a blanket ban on orienteering in capercaillie woods.  Maps detailing active leks and brood habitats for Easter Ross, Moray and Nairn, Deeside, Perthshire, Strathspey North and Strathspey South are held by the Professional Officer and Development Officer.  SOA clubs should contact the Professional Officer in the first instance for advice on the list of areas affected.

Please note the section about training:

  1. Training: The SOA, through the Training Coordinator for the World Orienteering Championships, will advise international squads visiting Scotland for orienteering training purposes that access to areas is restricted over the breeding and brood rearing period. Permits, maps and map files will only be issued for areas agreed with the Capercaillie Project Officer.


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2015 Capercaillie BAP agreement
2015 Agreement


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by Colin Matheson