Achievement of the year 2011

Thierry Gueorgiou and Ida Bobach have been awarded with “The Orienteering Achievement of 2011″ titles in the mens and womens class, respectively! This is from the poll conducted by the World of O website Read the full details here…

15th Dec 11

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Among the men Thierry Gueorgiou got an impressive 52% of the votes – nearly four times many as Ionout Zinca in second spot. Among the women, Ida Bobach – last year’s number two – won clearly ahead of Helena Jansson.

The vote has been decided by the big international readership of World of O – nearly 3000 unique votes from more than 50 different countries have been delivered – making these results very representative for the worldwide orienteering community. Big thanks go to all voters and to the event sponsors Croeso 2012, Prague Easter/, JK 2012, EOC Tour 2012, POM 2012, OOCup, Croatia Open, Fjord-O West and Jukola 2012.

Free entry to JK 2012 was one of the prizes in the draw for voters.

Photo of authorPosted on 15th Dec 11
by Paul Frost