50 years - 50 events

We are now pleased to announce the list of the 21 people who achieved the challenge to complete 50 events within the calendar year;  also to let it be known that all credit for this idea goes to Past-President Ken Daly.

28th May 12

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As mentioned in "Score", a total of 21 people achieved the challenge to complete 50 events within the year 16 April 2011 to 15 April 2012.  If there had been a special prize for first completion it would have gone to Rachel Scott;  she would probably also get an award for longest distance run in the process, as she regularly runs the Black course (good value for money!).  Most of you showed excellent pacing and completed the challenge during the JK 2012 weekend.  Congratulations to all completers (in no particular order):  

  • Rachel Scott GRAMP
  • Claire Macpherson CLYDE
  • Andy Macpherson CLYDE
  • Donald Grassie GRAMP
  • Sheila Strain ELO
  • Robin Strain ELO
  • Mark Wood ESOC
  • Rowan White INVOC
  • Callum White INVOC
  • Crawford Lindsay ESOC
  • Sally Lindsay ESOC
  • Andrew Lindsay ESOC
  • Rona Lindsay ESOC
  • Davie Frame TAY
  • Alastair Dunlop CLYDE
  • Les Dalgleish ESOC
  • Margaret Dalgleish ESOC
  • Heather Thomson ESOC
  • Alan Bothwell TAY
  • Foss Foster GRAMP
  • Neil McLean GRAMP

Your mementoes will be with you shortly!

Photo of authorPosted on 28th May 12
by Hilary Quick