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Support the British Squad by buying a 2012 Calendar. Nick Barrable of CompassSport is offering a 2012 calendar, £7.50 inc. postage, with all profits going to the British Squad Support Fund, that provides grants to elite orienteers. Full details on the CompassSport website.
There are also some Christmas cards…

09th Oct 11

Andy Kitchin provided this quick explanation of the fund in a recent Nopesport thread.

The support fund is independant in that the chair, secretary and treasure and the majority of the committee are not part of the BOF / Squad structure, however, representatives of the squad management do attend meetings and input their thougths and assessments of the athletes known to them.

Talented athletes are invited to apply to the fund
Talented athletes are identified by squad coaches (national, regional).
As previously noted athletes need to have the potential to be in GB teams so many of them are Squad athletes, otherwise they will be on the fringes.
Applications must be submitted by athletes, these should conform to the application form and they require the athlete to give an assessment of their current standing (performance, skills, results, ranking). The athlete should identify direction and areas for improvement and a programme of training and/or competition to help improvements take place. Activities in the programme need to be costed out.

If the committee believe the activities to be worthwhile then a grant is awarded to assist with the cost of any self help aspects of the improvement programme.
Self help means activities need to be personally focussed and self organised (they can be a group activity if appropriate).
Squad organised activities do not qualify for funding.
Other funding is taken into account. Applicants are expected / required to have sought other sources of funding before applying to the fund.

Where an athlete is involved in Squad funded activities this does not necessarily mean that they have the opportunities to improve their performances. Often Squad activities are racing and race preparation but may not provide the oportunity to focus on specific techniques or aspect of their orienteering.

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by Paul Frost