Jamie Stevenson Trophy, rules and guidelines


To provide an inter-club competition for junior orienteers. Competition is based on the English Yvette Baker trophy, for which more details can be found on the BOF website.
Updated 5th April 2015

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Scottish Night Championships (SNC)

Rules and guidelines


The Scottish Night Championships (SNC) is intended to provide a high level of technical night orienteering competition in Scotland.
December 2014 - Course 5 age classes updated.

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Scottish Sprint Championships (SSPC)

Rules and Guidelines

The Scottish Sprint Championships (SSPC) provides a championship at sprint distance orienteering. Sprint orienteering tests rapid decision making while running at close to full speed. Updated Dec 2014.

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Scottish Score Championships (SSCC)

Rules and Guidelines


The Scottish Score Championships (SSCC) provides good quality age-based competition with the score format. The event will normally take place at the end of the year, the score format meaning that competitors spend a well defined time in the forest. The event may be combined with the Scottish Inter-Club Championships.

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SRC Rules and Guidelines

Scottish Relay Championships (SRC)

The Scottish Relay Championships provides a high level relay competition providing head-to-head racing between large numbers if teams for junior, open and veteran relay teams.
Updated 14th Apr

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SOC Rules and Guidelines

Scottish Individual Championships (SOC)


The Scottish Individual Championships is the climax of the spring season. Its purpose is to determine classic distance Scottish Champions in each age class.

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Current Eligibility Criteria

To represent Scotland

To be eligible to represent Scotland in a Home International (HI) a person must be a current British Orienteering member and be:

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SOL Competition rules and guidelines

The Scottish Orienteering League provides a series of high quality events; throughout Scotland throughout the season. High quality venues, maps and quality courses are the key aims.
Updated Feb 2014 to introduce a new rule 2 and add Elites to the course table and move M21L to Brown.

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Scottish Orienteering Urban League Logo

Urban League guidelines

Updated for 2014

The main changes explain the new “tie-break” rule and also clarify the shadowing guidance for juniors.

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List of Controllers

List of SOA controllers sorted by club, including their home town.

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