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A list of useful links to access related issues (reviewed January 2012).

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orienteeringtvuk video

Dynamic stretching explained

Paul Murgatroyd, in this YouTube video, explains the how and why of warming up prior to orienteering, including info about dynamic stretching.

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Woodland trust logo

Woodland Trust Scotland

SOA and the Woodland Trust have agreed to promote each others’ activities because of our common interest in using, enjoying and protecting Scottish woodlands.  The Woodland Trust cares for and manages 80 woods in Scotland covering 8,500 hectares, stretching from Stranraer in the South up to Sutherland in the North, many of which we have been used for an event and/or have a permanent orienteering course.
Visit Woods

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Documents & Forms Archive

There is now a complete archive listing of all the documents & forms on the SOA website.
View all documents & forms

14th Dec 08

Help for Clubs

Help for Clubs is an online resource provided by Sport Scotland to assist all sports clubs in developing their structures, organisation and programme.

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Orienteering links

A list of orienteering related links. If you think you should be on the list contact us.

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