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The SOA has a contract with Stirling Surveys for laser printing of maps for training and competition. Stirling Surveys will normally print at the most appropriate size of paper for the course;  waterproof paper is used as standard.
Updated Jan 2014

01st Jan 14  

List of Controllers

List of SOA controllers sorted by club, including their home town.

28th Sep 13  

Scottish O Clubs

Find a club and info about orienteering clubs.
View a full list of clubs and a location map.

01st Aug 12  

Equity and Inclusion Policy


  • To make orienteering an activity that is open to anyone who wishes to take part in whatever capacity
  • To provide the framework for everyone to enjoy orienteering, in whatever role the individual desires
  • To ensure that the services offered by Scottish Orienteering Association, including training schemes, are accessible to all, whether under-represented in the past or not

17th Jan 11  

Events structure

Types of event; colour coded courses; age classes; major SOA events.

08th Jan 11  

Major SOA Events

Summary about each and the rota for which clubs / areas are responsible for hosting / organising the major Scottish events.

01st Jul 06  

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