Patrons of Scottish Orienteering

Scottish Orienteering are delighted to announce that three very high calibre individuals have agreed to become Patrons of Scottish Orienteering.
Jamie Stevenson: Former elite orienteer and double world gold medallist.
Karen Darke: London 2012 Paralympic handcycling silver medallist and Trail orienteer.
Cameron McNeish: Mountaineer, walker, author, broadcaster and editor.

27th May 13  

Information sources for Event Officials

This page provides links to various sources of information and guidance for event organisers, planners and controllers.

18th Dec 12  

Information and resources for coaches

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This page is intended to provide coaches with a single point of access to a variety of information, templates and resources for different aspects of their coaching activity.  Updated 8 November 2015 to remove a couple of broken links.

17th Feb 11  

What’s different about Sprint

David May was the planner for the 2008 JK Sprint race and has produced this presentation.
It takes you through some of the planning issues, but is also an interesting read for competitors as it may help understand the planner’s thinking.
Download the PowerPoint file (4.1MB) or the PDF version (2.9MB)

16th Mar 09  

Documents & Forms Archive

There is now a complete archive listing of all the documents & forms on the SOA website.
View all documents & forms

14th Dec 08

With a twist of Lyme

I’m sure we’ve all had experience of the wee sleekit beastie; but unlike Rabbie Burns, I mean the vampiristic tick! My concern is that too often we do not give them the respect they are due. Many of the ticks in the UK carry a bacteria (Borrelia Burgdorferi Sensu Lato) which if transmitted through a bite, can result in Lyme Disease. Fahrer H et al. wrote,  in the Scientific Journal of Orienteering in 1993, that in Switzerland more than 40% of Orienteers had positive blood tests for this bacteria. The tests are now far more sensitive so perhaps this research should be repeated! Lyme Disease (LD), if left untreated, can lead to some very grave health problems.

13th Nov 06  

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