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A new SEDS email list has been created to make sure that nobody gets missed out on information, for example about training weekends. This is not just available to SEDS members so get in touch if you are interested in SEDS activities and want added to the list.

The new system should improve on having a long list of addressees and the need to ‘reply all’ to a previous message to send anything out to everyone. It is easy to change your own subscription settings once you are on the system.

SEDS training weekends are generally open to all and provide top-quality training around Scotland and beyond. They are aimed at both elite athletes aiming for international representation and developing athletes with potential. The ‘11-‘12 programme is being discussed at present so subscribe to the list now to have your say on weekends and get all the information as it comes out.

To get added to the email list, please contact Kirsten on kirstenmstrain [at] with the email address that you want to use on the list.

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