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Selection Policies

The following information applies to juniors born in 2002 or earlier. ScotJOS members should already have this information, however the following applies to all junior members of Scottish clubs:

The Junior Home Internationals (JHI) between the 4 Home Nations and the Junior Inter-Regionals (JIRCs) between Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the 9 Regions of England, are the two main competitions in which Scottish junior teams compete. These are for teams of 24 comprising of 4 from each of the age classes M and W 14, 16 and 18.

This year the JIRCs will take place in the West Midlands over the weekend of 26 and 27 September.  The Scottish Team for this competition will be selected on the basis of results in the following races: SOL 1, SOL 2, SOL 3; SOL 5, SOL6; JK Days 2 and 3; Scottish Championships (best 4 to count; team to be published on the SOA website by middle of June).

The JHI takes place in Northern Ireland over the weekend of 23-25 October and the team will be selected on the basis of results in the Scottish 6-Days (all days, best 4 to count; team published on the SOA website by the end of August). Please note that where results are close, the selectors will look at race splits and may use consistency as an additional guide to help with selections.

All Scottish juniors from age 14 (born in 2001) upwards are eligible for selection to the summer training camps organised by the Junior Regional Orienteering Squads. Information on these. Their selection criteria can be found on the JROS website at: Please can I point out that SOL3 on 12th April is a selection race for the Lagganlia camp (for 14’s) and the Deeside camp (for 16’s).

For juniors who aspire to join ScotJOS (the Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad), the current selection policy for ScotJOS can be found here.


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