What people said

A selection of quotes from competitors and organisers.


Øystein Kvaal Østerbø (men’s winner)
I hesitated a few seconds and lost a few more in my route choice. But it was agood run. I don’t say it was better than the world championships which had a course which went out of the streets but this was very technical.

Helena Jansson (women’s winner)
I’ve never seen and O course like this. It was really tricky with little streets and alleys. This was just the way it should be. I agree it was more difficult than the world champs. This is a whole different level, you don’t get street orienteering like this in Norway.

Graham Gristwood (2nd)
Sprint orienteering requires maximum speed and intense concentration. Errors are severely punished and complex decisions have to be made very quickly. I can’t wait to test myself on the course round Perth today.
It was a constant technical challenge. What orienteering should be. I’ve been injured since the world championships so I’m happy to be here and running well. I ran up a dead end that cost me maybe 20 seconds but he beat me by thirty so I have got to be pleased.
I was really happy with my race and with coming second today. The course was constantly challenging as I knew I had to run fast but still keep my eye on the map.

Pippa Archer (4th)
That was fantastic. You had to read the map the whole time and I let that decide how fast I ran. I was cruising, never stopping but being very careful.

Murray Strain (5th)
Avoiding all the shoppers out on my course made my race a bit more challenging, but it was exciting at the same time to have such a buzz around the course from spectators and baffled members of the public.

Claire Ward (7th)
I had my second baby in January and I’m coming back after that. I’m still not as fast as I was so I’m excited about this result.

Sarah Rollins (Disqulified for missing a control)
I was running hard and just missed number 17. Hollie Orr (who missed out the same control) I was trying to catch up after making a mistake at number 16.

Scott Fraser, (professional officer with the Scottish Orienteering Association and organiser of the event)
This weekend has been an excellent showcase for the sport as well as for Perth. We’ve been supported throughout by Perth and Kinross Council along with our sponsors local firm I&H Brown and also Event Scotland. The driving force behind this weekend is to act as a springboard towards our ultimate aim to host the 2015 World Orienteering Championships and to demonstrate that Scotland remains a world class orienteering venue.

Andrew Dalgleish (Computing/technology)
This was, in my mind, the most technologically advanced orienteering event to date in the UK (certainly that I’ve been to) combining light gate, radio controls, commentary, live results, live video feed, and the big screen.
We should be proud of what we achieved and hopefully it will help SOA/BOF bring the World Championships to Scotland in 2015.

Posted: 13th Sep 10

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