Saturday 11th September

Morning (Day 2)

Re-run of Friday ‘Day 1’ event.
This is being made available for those who wish to run the courses from the day before but who could not make it to the event.  We don’t want people to miss out on a run at the fantastic Scone Palace because of weekday commitments.  Please note running this race will make you ineligible to qualify for the elite final of the main race (Day 3)
Starts from 10:00 – 12:00
See Day 1 for more details.

Afternoon (Day 3)

NB: You must only enter either Day 1 OR Day 2 (as well as Day 3 if you want to run the main event).

Prize Fund for Park World Tour International Event

Men: 1st €1000 - 2nd €500 – 3rd €250 – 4th €150 – 5th €100 – 6th €50
Women: 1st €1000 - 2nd €500 – 3rd €250 – 4th €150 – 5th €100 – 6th €50
As well as the PWT Elite prizes there will be prizes for some of the Veteran and Junior classes.

Competition arena

Perth Concert Hall – 700m from Event Centre


PWT Final – 14:00 to 15:00
PWT Open Race - 15:30 to 18:00


PWT Invites – by foot.
View on Multimap

For car parking please use the selection of Perth and Kinross Council’s
parking areas - Download parking leaflet


1:4000, 2.5m Contour Interval.
Mapped by Oleg Chepelin, 2010.

Embargo area

Perth Centre

Terrain Description

The area is 90% town and 10% fast going parkland.

Control Descriptions

Controls descriptions will be printed on the map. Separate control descriptions will be available in the pre-start.

Course Planner/Controller

Graeme Ackland (Planner), Colin Eades (Controller)

Course Information

Men Open (length, climb, winning time) TBC in Bulletin 2
Women Open (length, climb, winning time) TBC in Bulletin 2

Radio/TV Controls

There will be 2 radio controls on the Men Open and Women Open
courses.  A TV control will also be present.


Water will be provided at the Finish areas.

Start Area

Both the start and finish area will be at the assembly area.

Start Interval

PWT Final – 1 minute start interval.
PWT Open Race – free punching start, minimum 30 second interval.

Starting Order

PWT Final – World Ranking for the PWT invites and reverse order from
the Scone Palace Qualification race for the qualified runners.
PWT Open Race– free start.

Safety Information

All runners take part at their own risk and are responsible for the safety of themselves and how their actions impact on other members of the public. Please be aware that there will be traffic on the course and participants are advised to follow the green cross code when crossing the streets. There is an area of car park at the St John’s centre – please take extra care when navigating through this section to avoid delivery traffic.
There are also some narrow streets and blind corners, please respectthe safety of the public by running round these corners cautiously.

Number Bibs

Number bibs will be available at the pre-start and must be worn.

Posted: 10th Mar 10

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What is the Park World Tour?

It started as a wild idea. A World Cup in park orienteering. A competition that would bring the orienteers into the cities, in front of the people and the crowds.

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