Coaching Updates for 2011

Do you have (or would like to do) a coaching qualification?
A message to all who are interested in orienteering coaching.

13th Feb 11

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There is a system of Regional Reps for coaching in Britain. Some of this involves sitting in meetings (!) but the interesting part of the remit involves working with coaches, helping to spread the word about coaching opportunities and ensuring that the coaching workforce is kept up to date with any changes that are around the corner. I have recently taken on the role of the Scottish Orienteering Coaching Co-ordinator (another way of saying Regional Rep!). In this role I will be working with Hilary Quick at the National Orienteering Centre and Roger Scrutton (SOA Development Director). For 2011, there is also very good support from sportscotland and in this we are the envy of other regions.

The first task has been to go through the database of coaches in Scotland. There are a few things I need to make sure that you are aware of:

  1. Once you are awarded your coaching qualification, there is no expiry date.
  2. However, a licence is required for you to practice. “Only coaches who are licensed to practise will be covered by the British Orienteering public liability insurance policy and able to register and run coaching activities.”
  3. A licence consists of the following:
    • A Coaching Award at an appropriate level
    • A signed ‘Code of Conduct for Coaches’ has been sent to the British Orienteering Office. This can be downloaded from the appropriate link on the ‘Licenced Coaches’ page
    • Current membership of British Orienteering.
    • You have a current (and satisfactory) CRB Disclosure. In February 2011 this will be replaced by the ‘Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG)’ which Colin Matheson (SOA PO from mid-January 2011) will be able to give advice on. For more detail about this see the PVG scheme item.
    • Your First Aid certificate is current and appropriate to your level of coaching award.

I would urge you all to check your qualifications record by using your log-in for the British Orienteering website, then scrolling down to ‘My Qualifications’. If they do not have your most up to date paperwork (especially the signed ‘Code of Practice’) and you would like to have a current licence, please ensure that British Orienteering has the required information.

This is a time of change with regard to coaching at British Orienteering. The remit is split between Development and Performance; the admin for coaching is now being carried out by a recently appointed person in the office so this is our chance to ensure that all Scottish records are as up to date as possible. In 2011 we do not intend to have a Scottish Coaching Conference – this will probably be a biennial event. Instead, there will be a couple of days (one in the central belt and one further north) targeted at coach development. There will be more about this and the rationale behind on this website in due course. There will also be suggestions to help you become involved in coaching if you are interested.

Finally, please get in touch if you think I can help in any way, if you have topics you wish to discuss or you have a great idea for orienteering coaching!

Lynne Walker (please e-mail me via the Contacts Page )

Arrangements are in hand for Coach Update sessions to be held in August and October.  Download and complete the application form to book your place.

Photo of authorPosted on 13th Feb 11
by Lynne Walker