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The TrailO competitions at JK 2012 have been timed so that people can walk round the course on their way back to Pitlochry after their FootO courses.
More information has been added for those new to TrailO.

Trail-O results

Open - Faskally, Dunkeld, Overall

EoD - Faskally, Dunkeld, Overall

After consultation between the planner and the controller today, the decision has been made to void a couple of controls on the Day 3 TrailO course at Dunkeld which appear to have been re-arranged or vandalised by youths during the course of the event. This does affect some places, but Declan McGrellis remains the overall winner.

Day 2

Faskally is a delightful small area centred around a loch that will be enjoyed by those new to the discipline as well as the addicts. Start times for this day are from 2:30 to 3:30pm; the course will be 15 controls plus 4 timed controls.

Access from the Forestry Commission car park at:
Grid ref: NN922591
Lat/Lon: 56.71N 3.76W
Postcode: PH16 5JZ
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This is well signposted from the B8019 1km north of Pitlochry. The scenic route via Killiecrankie is recommended for orienteers returning from Dunalastair.

Day 3

The Day 3 course follows the bank of the Tay passing Dunkeld Cathedral and interesting ancient trees, a good way to relax the muscles while stimulating the brain after the exertion of Craig a Barns and 10 minutes from that car park, although it will be possible to park at Registration. Start times are 1:30 to 3pm and the course will be 20 controls plus 4 timed controls. There is parking as you enter Dunkeld from the north on the right.

The course will be on offer to an Open class and a Paralympic class. You will be able to enter these courses as part of the pre-entry to JK2012.

Access from the Council car park (pay & display) just to the north side of Dunkeld at:
Grid ref: NO025430
Lat/Lon: 56.57N 3.59W
Postcode: PH8 0AX
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This is accessible 400m by foot from Day 3 parking (take care on road). Please leave parking spaces for competitors who really need them.


As well as the main competitions, on both Days 2 & 3 there are also courses planned for newcomers, at an introductory fee of £5.00, entry on the day only.

Technical Guidelines

There are a lot of technical guidelines for TrailO on the website. Scroll down so that only the TrailO box on the right is visible, move left from that and you will see Event Organising; click on Guidelines and you will find a lot of good information. Your experience of TrailO will be enhanced if you have downloaded and read these.

New to TrailO?

Trail orienteering is a sport offered to people with widely differing physical abilities, including those with severely restricted mobility, who all compete on equal terms.

Competitors travel along a track or marked route and study clusters of control markers placed in the terrain. They are issued with a very detailed map, and control descriptions. With these aids they must decide which (if any) of the markers relates to the feature depicted by the centre of the circle. Movement up and down the track is permitted but no one may approach the control markers in the terrain.

The markers are designated A - E, as seen from left to right while at a decision point marked on the track, and the result must be recorded by marking the relevant box on the special control card.

Some controls have a maximum time for this decision making and the actual time taken is recorded to act as a tie breaker for those with the same number of points for correct decisions.

You can find out more at and download an illustrated leaflet (2.2MB) that the above text was taken from.

The IOF website has a 22 page downloadable PDF that is titled "Technical Introduction to Trail Orienteering for Experienced Foot Orienteers",  written by Brian Parker, and you are strongly recommended to read this before trying TrailO.

In order to assist experienced foot orienteers who wish to try trail orienteering and who would like to gain some familiarity with the format before stepping out on a course, this document has been prepared. It describes the procedures followed in typical trail orienteering competition and illustrates some of the principles of course setting and solution by means of a trail photo- O exercise.

From the Technical Introduction to Trail Orienteering for Experienced Foot Orienteers PDF

You will also be able to try TrailO at the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2012, being held near Dundee, 6-9th June.

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