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Friday 6th April

Livingston New Town is designed with separate pedestrian and traffic network, with some 600 km of tracks, underpasses and numerous small areas of runnable woodland. This makes it probably the finest technical urban orienteering destination in Britain.

A novice course is available on the day for people wanting to try the sport, all other courses required pre-entry.
Registration will be open from 11:30 and entry fees are £5 for adults and £3 for teenagers.

We have selected the section best suited to Sprint racing. Expect complicated housing schemes and well contoured parkland.

Technical training in the natural oakwoods of Calder Wood is available within walking distance of the Sprint area.

New map to ISSOM Standards by Graeme Ackland.

Organising Club: (INT)
Organiser: Ken Daly (INT)
Planner: Graeme Ackland (INT)
Controller: Ted Finch (FVO)

About 60% tarmac 40% grass. Some steepish slopes.
I'd wear trainers with a light stud.
Planners comment

Embargoed area

The embargoed area at Livingston is smaller than originally shown.
Specifically, it does not overlap the route of the Scottish Road Relay Championships. So you're fine to do both. The embargoed area Map will be updated shortly

directions mapDirections

Parking: West Lothian College and Livingston FC, Grid Ref NT048667 and NT049670. Assembly/Start/ Finish in vicinity of West Lothian Council Civic Centre.

Grid ref: NT048667
Lat/Lon: 55.88N 3.52W
Postcode: EH54 6XA
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Livingston was built as a “new town” and as such has a confusing myriad of arterial roads and roundabouts.  We have been asked by the Police that all JK traffic follow their recommended route. Hence we ask that you follow these directions.

The event car parking will be open from 1000 hours.

The parking is split between adjacent sites, West Lothian College and Livingston Football Club.  The College car park will be filled first and the Livingston FC car park second.  However, campervans and cars with trailers should go direct to the Livingston FC car park, even if that means ignoring the JK signs to the College. 

Once the College car park is full, the direction signs will be changed and all cars directed to the FC car park. 

Alternatively you can choose to PAY and park at the Almondvale Shopping Centre “The Centre” (see below).

JK direction signs will only be used at the final 2 or 3 roundabouts / junctions. Prior to this, you follow white signs for West Calder (until you leave the A71) and  yellow signs for Livingston FC (but do not follow a very early FC sign down a slip road off the A899). 

Do not follow signs for the Civic Centre.      

All traffic should approach the event from Junction 3 of the M8 and follow the A899 dual carriageway (south) 2.5 miles to the Lizzie Brice roundabout.  Observe the Livingston FC signs. Turn right (west) on to the A71 and travel 1.3 miles to the New Park roundabout.  Turn right (leaving the A71) and travel a short distance to the Adambrae roundabout.  Head straight on and travel a short distance to the Almondvale roundabout (traffic lights - get in lane – straight on!).  After a short distance you reach the Campus roundabout (get in lane – right for the College car park and straight on for the Livingston FC car park).

(a) If the JK signs direct you right to the College car park, you will soon reach the College roundabout where you turn sharp left and follow JK signs for parking (do not go into the Travelodge car park).

(b) If the JK signs direct you straight on (or you are a campervan or towing a trailer) please continue to the double set of traffic lights.  Go straight on at the first set of lights and turn right at the second set (only park where directed).

(c) If you have family members that want to spend part of the day shopping and you want to park much closer to the shops and Assembly, you can choose to park at the “North car park” of “the Centre” (formerly Almondvale Shopping Centre).  The Centre is one of the largest and most popular shopping centres in Scotland, so it comes highly recommended.  Turn right at the Campus roundabout as if heading for the College, but head straight on at the College roundabout (black sign for “North Car Parks”).  Continue beyond Bubbles roundabout and turn right at the traffic lights, into the orange clad multi storey car park (not suitable for campervans, etc).  They charge circa 50 pence per hour for parking.  This will also reduce the pressure on the JK parking.  There are plenty of toilets in the shopping centre.  Please only use the cycle / footbridge (signposted as National Cycle Network) through the small park with the statue of four stacked figures to reach Assembly (circa 250m).  This route is opposite the west end of the car park (you drove in the east end).

We believe we have enough JK car parking, but if the JK parking becomes full please make your way back to one of the public car parks at the Shopping Centre.  These include the car park described above, a less convenient multi storey car park just off the College roundabout (not suitable for campervans) and other car parks on the opposite side of the Centre (suitable for Campervans).  If this self help becomes necessary, please rest assured that we apologise for any trouble caused. 

Assembly is located at West Lothian Civic Centre and accessed by good footpaths (circa 500-800m) from the JK parking.  Please do not attempt to park adjacent to the Civic Centre, parking adjacent to the Police Station is limited to 45 minutes, after this time you will get a Parking Ticket.


Toilets are in very short supply at the Civic Centre so please use the facilities in the College before you leave the car parks (you can walk between the FC car park and College).

The majority of toilets will be in the College and in the shopping centre.  We have permission to use these facilities, but you must not wear studs or muddy shoes.

There are no toilets at the start

Do not pee in the park or trees around the car park, assembly or the start.  Please respect the fact that these are public parks. If caught you could be disqualified.

So please take the strain off the Civic Centre loos, by leaving enough time to walk to the College or shopping Centre loos.  Thank you!

Public Transport

Livingston is accessible by both bus and train.  Please note that there are two train stations (north and south) and they are both located circa one mile from assembly (see the map).  Details can be found at

Edinburgh airport is also relatively close and a web search should reveal bus links.


We do not want people driving through or close to the orienteering venue, so please leave the event by reversing the directions above.  The sign posts will start with “A71 Edinburgh or West Calder” until you reach the A71.  Now follow “A71 Edinburgh” until Lizzie Brice roundabout after which follow “M8”.  The M8 junction is a little confusing, so take care to get in the correct lane early.

Access between assembly and the retail centre or training

If you choose to walk to / from the event from “The (retail) Centre”, Asda, or the training area, you must access via the bridge opposite the west end of the multi-storey car park (by Torridon House, not the bridge opposite Asda behind Domino's pizza).

Assembly description

The assembly is a flat area of mown grass between the south side of the Civic Centre building and a fence (circa 200m x 50m).  The river Almond is beyond the fence (please keep away from the river).  The Red Cross first aid ambulance will be at the end of the assembly area. The JK information, entry-on-the-day, merchandise and VIP / media point will be inside the main entrance of the building. The download will be at a patio door along the side of the building.

The finish run in extends half way up the middle of the assembly.  The tapes then extend to the download. People must not cross the run in and only cross the tapes, when directed, at the marshalled crossing between the finish and download.

Club tents and sail banners may be erected on the south side of the run in, but not on the north side due to underground services.

A few toilets will be in a car park 50m north east of assembly, just beyond the last control.  There will be a spectator area alongside, above and beyond the toilets, but spectators must stay well back from controls and running routes and definitely not cross tapes, the river or stray beyond the underpass (though see below for other spectator opportunities (marshalling)).

Maps may be collected at the finish and released to club representatives at 1645.  However, if maps are not collected you must put it away until after the event and definitely not share it with anyone yet to run.  If you breach this rule both competitors may be disqualified.

Litter bins are not provided.  You must take your litter home and not fill the few public bins in the area. 

Route to starts

The start is circa 700m from assembly.  The route is slightly up hill, but very easy walking / running.  However the route crosses 2 major roads, so take care and only cross when it is safe and clear to do so. 


A novice course is available on the day for people wanting to try the sport, all other courses required pre-entry.

Registration will be open from 11:30 and entry fees are £5 for adults and £3 for teenagers.

Start Times

Timed starts at minute intervals between 1200 and 1600 hours. Elite runners will be allocated seeded start times and have a separate start lane. Late starters will also have a separate lane and not have their times adjusted unless they complete an appeal form at the Information desk and the organiser accepts the reason was unavoidable.  Courses close 1645 hours.

Course distance and climb 

Courses have been planned for 12 – 15 minute winning times. Direct distances are between 1.3 and 2.7 km, but not particularly relevant because you can not run the straight lines. Climb is around 2%.

Courses / Classes

1  M18/20/21 E
2  W18/20/21 E
3. MOpen/M35/M40
4. M45
5. M50
6  M55
7  WOpen/W35/W40
8  M14/16
9  W14/16
10 M60
11 W45
12 M65/70
13 W50/55
14 W60/65
15 M/W12 M75+ W70+
16 M/W10.

String Course

The string course will be circa 100m from the west side of the assembly and should be suitable for pushchairs.


The map has been produced to ISSOM Sprint standards and laser printed on A4 waterproof paper. It is 5 colour, 1:4,000 scale, with 2.5m contour intervals. Take special note of the symbols and colours that indicate out of bounds.

Non-ISSOM map details:Map sample showing the bridge

  • High barriers surrounding private land are mapped as walls: thick black lines without tags, some may appear as fences on the ground and in the control descriptions.
  • There is a complicated bridge over the river.  The only legal way to cross, is to go under the main road, up steps, across the bridge, down steps and back under the main road.  Technically ISSOM doesn't use two-level, and it appears that you have to "cross" an uncrossable wall (which is in fact 5m above your head).  See the map sample to show this area.  It is obvious when you get there, but may not be at the point where you decide to go that way.

Terrain description

The northern part of the terrain is an intricate housing estate with a plethora of cul-de-sac roads, car parks, footpaths, archways and grassed areas.  Archways are mapped with the special ISSOM symbol light grey “canopy”.  The southern part comprises of a wooded strip, bridges over the river and parkland.  The parkland includes an area of intricate contour detail with patches of trees.

The northern and southern parts are connected by an underpass.  You must use the underpass otherwise you will be disqualified.

The under 16 and novice courses may skirt the edge of car parks but do not cross any roads.

We are sharing the venue, especially the paths and bridges, with the public. Take care, especially where visibility is limited, and remember that orienteer’s do not have a ‘right of way’.

Safety information

BOF Rule 1.7.1:  “All competitors take part entirely at their own risk.  Competitors shall take into account their own ability to compete safely”. 

There are a number of busy through roads around the perimeter and one through the middle of the venue.  These are marked “out of bounds” using red stripes.  In a few locations a solid red line has also been used to emphasise that you “must not cross” / must not run on to the road.  It is assumed that competitors are familiar with the concept of a kerb – so do not run on the major roads.  Any breach of the mapped “out of bounds” and “must not cross” may result in disqualification.

Red and white tape also denotes “do not cross” and black and yellow tape “danger – do not cross”.

However, the estate includes a number of car parks, access roads, cycle routes and footpaths that are not out of bounds. There will be many parked cars, and you may encounter the occasional car leaving or arriving.  Please watch out for cars, bikes, skaters, pedestrians and dogs.  You may see them, but they may not see you.  Take extra care to go wide and slow around blind corners.  If necessary shout a polite warning “excuse me” to make the person aware of you. 

Please note that the courses take competitors over rough ground with slip, trip and other hazards.  There is also a risk of collision with vehicles, bicycles, skaters, pedestrians, dogs, bins, bollards, etc., so be vigilant and do not take risks. Take extra care at blind corners and on highways.  Also take extra care if wet or wintery weather prevails.  Wear appropriate grip shoes and high visibility clothes.

The Red Cross will be in attendance.  St John’s Hospital A&E is circa 1km NW of the assembly.

The river is dangerous so please stay away at all times.

The whole area (car parks, assembly, race venue, walkways, etc) is a public area so please take care of your belongings, especially valuables and beware of stranger dangers.

Data Protection Act: The personal details you supply will be used to compile results, which will be available from the web.  Your entry to the event is conditional on your acceptance or this condition.

Special Information

Make sure you know and abide by the BOF Sprint Rules, especially the features you must not cross (you will be disqualified if you cross them).  They include dark grey buildings, olive green private gardens, thick black/green and black boundary lines (hedges, walls and fences), the blue river and red stripes and solid thick red lines (both “out of bounds”).

Control units are mostly T-bars, but it has been necessary to also use a few wooden trestles.  SI electronic punching is being used on the controls and finish line.  If an SI unit does not work or it has gone missing, punch the map with the pin punch.

This is a highly public area, and as such there is a danger that controls may be stolen.  There will be marshals in the area, who could replace the control fairly quickly.  A temporarily missing control is unlikely to result in the course being voided. If you are sure a control is missing, alert the nearest marshal, ask them to note your race number and then continue your run as normal.  If a marshal tells you to continue your run without punching a missing control, do so. 

In order to maximise control security, any competitor willing to assist in watching controls after their run is welcome to do so.  This will give you a unique opportunity to spectate a sprint race in action.  Anyone wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should contact the organiser.

We have been informed that building works may be ongoing at the skateboard park, but details are not confirmed.  Courses have been re-planned to account for our best guess of what might happen, but be aware that there may have to be further very late changes to courses after the maps have been printed, probably involving taped routes and omitted controls.  If this happens, there will be notices at the start and assembly. 

Water will not be provided.

Remember to collect and wear your race number.

Please support “the (retail) Centre” and the event traders up at the College car park.

Remember that we are using a residential estate and public parks, so be courteous at all times and keep the noise down.  Also slow right down and go wide at blind corners.

Prize Giving

Elite Prize giving will be 1630 at the Civic Centre. All other classes will have a sprint prize giving at day 2 (circa 1600)

Silva are providing prizes of 2 headlamps, for M/W21E winners - Silva SPRINT hi-power (1030 lumens) running headlamp (value RRP £299.00 each)

British Orienteering AGM

This will be held immediately after the sprint race (venue West Lothian College, 10 minutes walk) at 1700.


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Livingston map sample

Livingston map sample

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Map sample showing bridge

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