JK2012 programme

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A copy of the printed programme is now available to download. It is similar to the Scottish 6 Days one and designed to be printed on a single sheet of A3 sized paper. Every competitor will be given a printed copy along with their race bib, so it is not intended that you print this out, as not many people will have a printer capable of handling A3 size paper. Updated 29th March, Day 4, Class J, middle leg corrected.

If you have good eyesight you might be able to read it if you print it out at A4. It's provided to give you advance knowledge of what it contains, but all the content is available here on the website and in some cases with more detail.

If you print out any of the web pages you should just get the main text and it will leave out the header, footer and side column content.

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Downloadable Documents

PDF of the programme