Where can I collect my Individual Bib and programme?

All entrants will collect their race bib and programme this year. Nothing is being posted out (except training maps if requested at time of order).
Colour coded pre-entries can also collect their race bib that they will need to wear.
Collection will be from:
On Friday 6th April 2012 between 1100 and 1530, at the Information Point, adjacent to the Sprint race arena in Livingston.
Individual Race bibs and programmes will also be available for collection from the Information Point in the Assembly area on Day2 and 3 0900 to 1400.
Pre-ordered SI cards, training map packs as well as pre-ordered copies of “A Few Surplus Maps” can also be collected along with your race bib.

Is wearing a Race Bib compulsory?


What are the entry fees?

See the Entries page for full details of age class and colour coded entry fees.

How do I work out which age class I’m eligible to enter?

Consult the table on the Entry Information page, which allows you to work out which age class(es) you are eligible to run based on your year of birth.

How do I amend the class and other details of existing entrants?

After the 11th March 2012, an administration charge will be made for changes which affect the start time or the course selected. After the closing dates, any course changes will be subject to the approval of the Entries Secretary, and the availability of sufficient maps.
The charges will be £5.00 per competitor per day.

What are Colour coded courses?

These are a series of courses covering a spectrum of technical and physical difficulty, starting from very easy and progressing to more difficult. For more information, see course details. Competition details page

Will there be any Entry on the day (EOD) for age class courses?

No, only colour coded courses will have EOD.

Can I cancel my entry and get a refund?

Full details on the Entries page.

Can I bring my dog?

The policy on dogs reflects requests from landowners.

Can I use my SI-8 or SI-9 card?

Yes, all our SI units have had the latest software for SI-8 and SI-9 cards since 2009.

What are the dates of each competition Day?

JK2012 starts with Day 1 on Friday 6th April, followed by Day 2 on Saturday 7th April and Day 3 on Sunday 8th April. Day 4 – the relays – is on Monday 9th April. For more details on the areas used for each day, click the links.

What are the start times each day?

Start times link

Will there be car parking charges?

No. All car parking costs are included in the entry fees.

Will there be a bus service to each competition day?


What courses will be provided for young children?

There will be non-competitive (i.e. not timed) String courses (see below) provided on Days 2, 3 and 4 for young children, using special maps. There will be no charge. 

What is the policy on shadowing children?

We must ensure that the competition is fair to everyone.  If juniors require shadowing, they must enter the colour coded courses.  No shadowing will be allowed before your own run. The adult shadower must not pick up a map at the start.

What start block do I request as an Elite entrant or as a group with an Elite entrant?

The elite starts will run in parallel to other classes but will be seeded for Sprint and Day 2, with Day 3 based on Day 2 results. At this stage it is impossible to say when an elite runner will start.
Start times are normally allocated to the elite runner and then other start times are aligned with that. Put this as a request on your entry form if you have an elite runner in your group and wish the same start block.

Last edited: 3rd April