Scott Fraser
Claire Ward
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Individual winners

M21E Scott Fraser (INT)
M20E Peter Bray (SN)
M18E Aidan Smith (SYO)

W21E Claire Ward (ESOC)
W20E Charlotte Watson (WCOC)
W18E Lucy Butt (SARUM)

Relay winners

JK Trophy, Interlopers Team Compasspoint 1
Murray Strain/Oleg Chepelin/Scott Fraser
Women’s Trophy, EUOC Ladies 1
Catherine Taylor/Hollie Orr/Rebecca Harding

Full results, splits, Winsplits, Splitsbrowser are on the SI Results website

Trail-O results

Open - Faskally, Dunkeld, Overall
EoD - Faskally, Dunkeld, Overall
After consultation between the planner and the controller today, the decision has been made to void a couple of controls on the Day 3 TrailO course at Dunkeld which appear to have been re-arranged or vandalised by youths during the course of the event. This does affect some places, but Declan McGrellis remains the overall winner.


RouteGadget Day 1, Sprint, Livingston.
RouteGadget Day 2, Dunalastair.
RouteGadget Day 3, Craig a Barns.
RouteGadget Day 4, Newtyle Hill
At the relays there was a problem with control 181 that affected 45 people, so their split time has been manually inserted at 1 minute after the previous control.

Live GPS tracking

There was some test tracking done on selected Elites on Day 3, this is not perfect but better than nothing.
Replay the Live GPS tracking


You’re welcome to use these in club newsletters, websites etc. but please acknowledge the photographer.
By Wendy Carlyle on Flickr:
Day 1 (938), Day 2 (658), Day 3 (790), Day 4 (377)
By Martin Ward on Flickr:
Day 1 , Day 2 and Sprint Prizegiving, Day 3
By Crawford Lindsay on Picasa:
Day 1 (331), Day 2 (87), Day 3 (25), Day 4 (372)
By Rob Lines on Picasa
Day 1


Andrew Brown (Brooner) has written excellent reports for each day and these can be found on the Nopesport website:
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Lost property

There are numerous things that have been collected together and are at the National Orienteering Centre at Glenmore Lodge. Notable items include a watch and mobile phone.

12th Apr 12

Survey report cover

JK2012 Survey Report

The results of the survey carried out after the JK2012 event are now available.
You can download the 59 page report as a PDF (1.7MB)
The report includes all user comments (good, bad or indifferent).

30th May 12 Read more…

JK2012 programme

A copy of the printed programme is now available to download. It is similar to the Scottish 6 Days one and designed to be printed on a single sheet of A3 sized paper. Every competitor will be given a printed copy along with their race bib, so it is not intended that you print this out, as not many people will have a printer capable of handling A3 size paper. Updated 29th March, Day 4, Class J, middle leg corrected.

29th Mar 12 Read more…

Contacts and Key roles

List of main job roles.

20th Sep 11 Read more…