Scottish Championships 2009

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01st Mar 09

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2009 Trophy Winners

Class Trophy 2009 winner
M10 Wooden and Silver Shield James Ackland INT
M12 Silver Cup Ewen Kerridge MAROC
M14 Wooden Trophy (Eagle) M13/14 Alexander Chepelin GRAMP
M16 Wooden Shield Graham Hemingway WCOC (2nd)
M18 Pewter Tankard (Int Men) Matthew Halliday OD
M20 Shield (Junior Cup) Milk   MB Michael McIver EUOC
M21L Wooden Plaque (new 2002) Paul Hornsey ESOC
M21E Silver Cup Tobias Noborn Goteborg
M21Nat Silver Cup Native Scot Murray Strain INT (4th)
M21E Gwen Mayor Trophy - 1st   Scot Club Hector Haines EUOC (3rd)
M35 Silver Cup Roger Goddard FVO
M40 Silver Cup (Wm Younger M43)  Steve Nicholson FVO
M45 Wooden Goblet (GRAMP) Dave Robertson CLYDE (3rd)
M50 Silver Cup James Tullie RR
M55 Silver/Wood Plaque Eddie Harwood MOR
M60 Octagonal Wooden Garth Bryan-Jones FVO
M65 Octagonal Wooden Neil McLean GRAMP
M70 Small Silvery Plaque Colin Spears HOC
M75 The LOCHOC Boulder (new   2005) Adrian Hope BASOC
W10 Silver Cup Abigail Mason MAROC
W12 Antlers Jennifer Ricketts MAROC
W14 Wooden mounted Frances Wright MAROC
W16 Picture Rona Lindsay ESOC
W18 Wooden Shield Jo Shepherd INVOC
W20 Silver Cup (W19 Trophy) no award
W21L Quaich Rachel Smirthwaite MOR (2nd)
W21E Carol Mcneill Stag Trophy Clare Ward ESOC
W21Nat Shield Native Scot Hollie Orr EUOC (3rd)
W21E Gwen Mayor Trophy 1st Scot   Club Clare Ward ESOC
W35 Silver Cup (Wm Younger) Beccy Osborn FVO
W40 Silver Cup (Wm Younger) Zoe Griffin GRAMP
W45 Wooden Goblet (GRAMP) Marsela McLeod INVOC
W50 Silver Cup Lindsey Knox RR
W55 Octagonal Wooden Janice Nisbet ESOC
W60 Octagonal Wooden Liz Godfree DVO
W65 Silver Cup Norma Coutts ESOC (2nd)
W70 Quaich no award
W75 no trophy Lilian Davidson INVOC
Relay Class Trophy 2009 Winner
Open Rose Bowl EUOC
W Open Silver Cup EUOC
BOF 40- Quaich (2004, INVOC) MAROC
BOF 48- Quaich (2004, CUNOC) SYO
Handicap Handicap Quaich (2005, East   Area) FVO (Handicap 12+)
6+ points no trophy CLYDE
9+ points no trophy MAROC
12+ points no trophy FVO
15+ points no trophy SYO
18+ points no trophy BL

String Course

Results (PDF Document 68KB)

Dogs are allowed in the car park and assembly areas only on both days but must be kept on leads. Please do not allow your dog to foul where it could inconvenience other people.

Traders must contact the organisers if they wish to come to the event.

Competitors take part at their own risk. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an entry. In the unlikely event that one or both of the Scottish Championships events has to be cancelled we reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fees as necessary to cover costs incurred.

Saturday 23rd May, Individuals: Dunachtonmore & Balavil, near Kingussie

Two superb areas which have been combined to provide challenging and contrasting orienteering styles. The terrain ranges from super fast open moor interspersed with juniper and birch forest to conifer forest with intricate contour detail and plenty of rock features.

Grid Reference: NH809038 Link to Google Maps

Course Details


Course Classes Map scale Course length (km) Height climb(metres) No. of controls
1 M21E 15 13.9570 33
2 W21E 15 8.7 415 20
3 M21L 15 11.5 495 28
4 M20L M35L M40L 15 9.9 485 26
5 M18L M21S W21L 15 8.0 275 20
5X M45L M50L 10 8.0 275 20
6 M20S M35S M40S W20L W35L W40L 15 6.4 265 17
6X M16A M55L M60L 10 6.4 265 17
7 M18S M21V W18L W21S 15 5.5 150 13
7X M45S M50S M65L W45L W50L 10 5.5 150 13
8 W20S W35S W40S 15 4.7 120 13
8X M55S M60S M70L W16A W55L W60L 10 4.7 120 13
9 W18S W21V M65S M75L W45S W50S W65L W70L 10 4.2 115 11
10 M70S M75S W55S W60S W65S W70S W75 10 3.4 85 8
11 M21N W21N RED 10 5.9 145 15
13 M14A M16B 10 4.3 140 12
14 W14A W16B LIGHT GREEN 10 3.6 100 11
15 M12A M14B W12A W14B ORANGE 10 2.8 60 12
16 M10A M12B W10A W12B YELLOW 10 2.4 40  
17 M10B W10B WHITE 10 1.6 25 11

Planners: Stewart Robertson INVOC, Mike Atherton BASOC
Controller: George Esson GRAMP
Organiser: Lesley Campbell, INVOC

Sunday 24th May, Relays: Strathmashie near Newtonmore

A traditional conifer plantation on a steep slope with some indigenous Scots Pine sections.

Grid Reference: NN570903 Link to Google Maps

Planner: Eddie Harwood, Moravian
Controller: David Summers, INVOC
Organiser: Marion MacCormick, BASOC


Used for the Scottish Relay Championships in the late 1990s and for 2 days of Lochaber 2001.

General information

All courses have 3 legs. Competitive teams will comprise 3 members of the same club.  Non-Scottish clubs are eligible. Teams comprising members of different clubs will be non-competitive, except for ‘alliances’ of neighbouring clubs (see below). Teams comprising competitors of inappropriate age class, or with runners running more than once, may take part but will be non-competitive.

Any combination of sexes and ages is allowed.  All senior classes start together and the handicap winners will be the first team from any of classes 3-7 to finish.  Juniors and 21s may also compete in the ‘veteran’ handicap.  Each team member in the handicap is allotted points as follows:

Handicap points

M14- 6 W14- 6 M35 1 W35 3 M60 6 W60 8
M16 4 W16 5 M40 2 W40 4 M65 7 W65 9
M18 2 W18 4 M45 3 W45 5 M70+ 8 W70+ 10
M20 1 W20 3 M50 4 W50 6        
M21 0 W21 2 M55 5 W55 7        

The courses are as follows:

1. Men’s Open A A A 6. Handicap: 15+ point C D C
2. Women Open B B B 7. Handicap: 18+ point D D C
3. Handicap: 6+ point A B C 8. Junior: Total BOF age 48- LG O LG
4. Handicap: 9+ point B C C 9 Junior: Total BOF age 40- Y Y O
5. Handicap: 12+ point B D C Ad hoc teams are welcome on all courses.      

Courses A, B, C and D will be TD5 standard. Because of the constraints of the area, courses may be slightly longer than usual (subject to controlling). LG, O and Y correspond to the colour coded system.  Teams may run in a longer class if they wish.  Weak teams may run in a shorter class but will be non-competitive.

Ad hoc teams and alliances of neighbouring clubs may be accepted though a team which appears much stronger than their likely competition will be non-competitive.  

Typically, two neighbouring clubs will be allowed to compete as an “alliance” if they have insufficient competitors to make a full team. This may include e.g. the only 1 or 2 juniors in a club with many adults.  “Neighbouring” will be interpreted flexibly for far-travelled clubs

Posted on 01st Mar 09