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Scottish Orienteering

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Volunteers’ Activity Weekend, 15-17 September 2017

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Bookings are now open for the Volunteers’ Activity Weekend, at Glenmore Lodge from the afternoon of Friday 15th to late afternoon Sunday 17th September. The charge for fully residential attendance (2 nights’ B&B, Saturday evening meal, daytime lunches & refreshments, all O-related sessions) will be £100 per person, with rebates of up to 50% for volunteers who lead a session.

19th Feb 17  

Regular Orienteering Map Programme

ROMP controls will be coming in from Uath Lochans on Monday 27 February so this week and weekend is the last opportunity to take advantage of this great facility.  Capercaillie restrictions apply from the 1 March, and a new Agreement will be published.  

21st Feb 17  

Introducing Orienteering - New Course for Teachers

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We are proud to announce a new course for teachers, outdoor centre instructors, youth leaders and anyone interested in introducing orienteering to young people.  We’ve taken the best bits of the “Teaching Orienteering” course that we’ve been delivering for several years, made them even better, and made them more relevant to Scotland.  The result is a superb day of enjoyable, active learning experience, and a set of resources that you can use immediately for a series of progressive sessions.  No prior knowledge is required.

20th Feb 17  

Orienteers on The Adventure Show

Great coverage of the Original Mountain Marathon on The Adventure Show with very positive mentions of "Scottish Orienteers" Jess Tullie and Kersten Leslie (reported elsewhere as Team Scotland Orienteering). Watch it on the BBC iPlayer. Great publicity for this sport to try and attract the adventure racers out there.

20th Feb 17

Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad – Selection Policy

ScotJOS info

The Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad (ScotJOS) exists to provide a coaching and development programme for young Scottish orienteers, M/W14 – 18, who show talent in the sport and commitment to improve their performance. The squad is selective, to focus resources on those who show potential to be top performers at national level in the future. This policy describes the selection process and criteria.

20th Feb 17  

Orienteering access - guidance

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The Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) recommends that as a matter of good practice land managers are contacted by organisers of orienteering activities where practicable. Access to Scotland’s outdoors takes place under Scottish access rights, which apply to most land and inland water. These rights must be exercised responsibly, and land managers have to manage their land responsibly with regard to access. 

13th Feb 17  

What does your club look like online?

Information and guidance for clubs, by Regional Development Officer Rona Lindsay

10th Feb 17  

Notice of SOA Annual General Meeting 2017

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The AGM will be held following the Scottish Individual Championships on Saturday 20th May, 5.30-6.30pm at The Golf Inn, Gullane, East Lothian

07th Feb 17  

Join our board! Positions available

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Help shape the SOA - positions of Board Secretary, Development Director and Finance Director will be elected at the AGM in May

07th Feb 17  

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