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Scottish Orienteering

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National Centre course schedule

LATEST ITEMS:  Newly available:  few places on Coaching Foundation course in Aberdeenshire 25 March;  also taking bookings for Coaching Foundation course 11 March, UKCC L1 29-30 April and L2 25-26 March 2017, and for coaching weekends for participants of all standards, 18 & 19 March, 17 & 18 June.

11th Jan 17  

Community Sports Hubs - what’s that all about?

A brief guide for club committees

Community Sports Hubs (CSHs) started as part of the Scottish Government legacy programme from the 2014 Commonwealth Games. From humble beginnings with 22 hubs 6 years ago, there are now 157 hubs stretching from Unst on Shetland to Kirkcudbright in Galloway. Is your club already involved? If not this article gives you a brief insight into the potential benefits.

03rd Jan 17  

Information sources for Event Officials

This page provides links to various sources of information and guidance for event organisers, planners and controllers.  The page itself and several of the documents listed are being reviewed in 2017;  all constructive comments appreciated.

01st Jan 17  

Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad 2017

ScotJOS info

The Selectors, Marsela McLeod, Marjorie Mason and Elizabeth Furness, are pleased to announce the following have been selected to ScotJOS.

19th Dec 16  

BTO Urban League guidelines

Updated for 2017

SOUL events should follow as closely as possible the comprehensive BOF Urban events guideline (Rules of Orienteering Appendix B, section11), the May 2016 version of which can be found here.

This provides guidance on course lengths, combinations and specific advice regarding safety for juniors.

The main change is the introduction of new Hypervet classes (75+).

15th Dec 16  

Compass Point Scottish O League 2016

Scottish O League info

UPDATE 10th December

Thanks for the comments, and also emails that have come to me. There are a few things to note:
1. duplicates etc in the tables: I'll re-post corrected tables shortly once all the corrections have been made (nearly all result from using Scottish Champs as a SOL this year, which hopefully will not happen again for a while!).  
2. Scoring rules: this year is even more complex than usual. We could do the scoring in lots of ways, but none is perfect (simplest would be to use BOF ranking points, but this doesn't work for younger juniors). Alternatives, either for the scoring system or course combinations, can always be considered by SOA, but there are always things for and against each system.
3. Contact email: Trevor Hoey
4. Archive of old SOL results - we are working on this, and have sourced some quite ancient league tables to add to the archive.

FINAL league tables for 2016 after SOL 7 are now available.
Scores arranged by COURSE or AGE CLASS are available. For some age classes there are differences in points between the courses and age classes, on account of course/class combinations used for the Scottish Championships being different from the usual SOL, see notes below for more explanations.

10th Dec 16  

BTO Urban League 2017

Urban League info

Initial dates and locations for the 2017 season are now available.

After 5 years of coordinating the SOUL series from its inception in 2012 as a regional offshoot of the NOPESPORT (now UKUL) urban league, current SOUL coordinator Andy Paterson (CLYDE) hands over the reins to Pat Squire (INT). 

10th Dec 16  

SOA Development Summit “The Future of Scottish Junior & Schools Orienteering”

1st April 2017 Dounans Outdoor Education Centre, Aberfoyle

We want to involve all SOA members in this. A vibrant junior & schools scene is good for everyone!  Please contribute your views....

08th Dec 16  

Regular Orienteering Map Programme

ROMP is intended as a training facility for individuals or clubs who would like to take the opportunity to orienteer on some of Scotland’s finest terrain.
Controls are now out in Uath Lochans for the period December 2016 through to the end of February 2017.  

05th Dec 16  

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